Barack Hussein Obama and the Code of Nebuchadnezzar
by Luis Vega ~ The Revelation in Bible Codes

Does the LORD Himself use codes at all to communicate?  Yes He did and does.  One prime example when YHVH used a Bible code was when King Nebuchadnezzar was given dream of empires encoded with the dimensions corresponding to time, a bodily form, metals and beasts.  A Rock smashed the statue that therefore filled the whole Earth.  This was an example of how the aim of prophecy is to testify of Jesus Christ because ultimately the Rock that was cut from Heaven is Jesus and will come back to Earth.  Obviously this scenario was “code” for the ultimate prophecy of the preeminence of Jesus Christ that is to return to claim Earth and its kingdoms according to Christian eschatology.

King Nebuchadnezzar nor his magicians and astrologers could interpret the code.  The king as a mere man and ungodly could not interpret the dream or “crack the code.”  He needed a code searcher.  It was YHVH Himself that decoded the message for the Prophet Daniel.  This godly Prophet than relayed to the king the meaning of YHVH’s code; it was a code of judgment.  It took a godly man, Daniel that was required to decode the message that is the difference.  This study strongly suggests that the missing link to this Bible code phenomenon is a godly man or woman needed to complete a Bible code circuit.

This proves that mere men, religious or not can at least handle and observe “bible codes” but the point of the study as it pertains to the validity and reliability of Bible codes is that it takes a “Daniel” or a “Joseph” to correctly divide the Word of Truth.  The king like so many people are misguided by faith in other “gods” or seek revelation in other codes.  One supposition of the “Nebuchadnezzar code” is that it relates to the archetype of what the AntiChrist identity will consist of.  It is represented by the various metals, time and delineation of the body or statue dreamt by the King.

The alloys, beasts and body delineations ultimately correspond to the type of man or men that ruled and will rule the particular facet of the AntiChrist system from the time of Babylon until the return of Jesus.  Babylon was the winged lion.  The subsequent silver empire was a 2 prong rulership of Media and Persia that corresponded to the offset bear with 2 kings, Xerxes and Darius.  The 3rd bronze empire was that of the Greeks with the midsection corresponding to Alexander the Great’s 4 leading generals depicted as a winged leopard with 4 heads.

The long legs of iron corresponded to Rome.  The Caesar was Constantine that represented one empire but with 2 capitals, one in the West at Rome and the other in the East, Constantinople.  This last beast had a morphing of the 2 segments corresponding to the knee delineation of the long legs.  Both empires in their own right fell.  In the West the Roman Empire morphed into the Catholic Holy Roman Empire or the Vatican led by a Pope.  In the East the byzantine Empire was conquered by the Muslims and a Caliphate emerged ruled by the Sultan, aka, the Mahdi.

Realize that the Muslim Caliphate was headquartered at Constantinople, which is now Istanbul Turkey.  This could very well be the prelude to the mixing of the iron with clay in the Last Days that constitute the 10 tier confederation.  This study suggests that the last Man, i.e., the “Little Horn” will be what the Christians denote as being the AntiChrist but what the Muslims will call the Mahdi.  He will have the support of the West, that is the Pope that will be the False Prophet.

Thus this last “mixing” of the iron with clay gives a clue as to from where the Little Horn will come up from, the Muslim domain.  This man will be given the power to rule the known world and will likewise be supported by what could constitute the “code” of mixing of the Catholic Vatican and the Muslim Caliphate in some sort of fashion.  It will be a fragile association with 5 leaders in each domain.

The “code” defining the political and religious mixing of the last 4th Beast system will exemplify the “Christ.”  He will be the “AntiChrist” to some and “Christ” to others.  This dichotomy could very well define the particular “mixing” of the Iron with Clay metaphorically on one prophetic level.  What can be seen in Obama is the epitome of the “mixing” of Nebuchadnezzar stature of empires.  Particularly in the Last Days and in the last rendition of”AntiChrist”, the Son of Perdition will possess a “mixing” of both race and adherence to perhaps both religions or its mixing.

This Man of Sin (see more potential “evidence that demands a verdict” at the preceding link) will be bestowed the power, politically, economically and religiously to rule perhaps as the Messiah and the Mahdi will be one in the same because of his African lineage.  This makes him a descendant of Nimrod, the King of Babylon.  The point is that as it was Nimrod who started Babylon that perhaps one of his descendants is the one that will end it.  This notion of prophetic “mixing” in the Last Days would also extend to a political mixing as observed in the following way even with Obama.

One add political peculiarity about Obama was that when he initially became President of the USA, he also, at the same time was “chosen” to be President of the UN Security Council and actually held session.  This “mixing” of political offices at the same time could have been another clue or “code” as to an additional designation of what the “Little Horn” would politically look like.  Holding such an office was a direct violation of having an active U.S. President hold a foreign office or title; it was a “mixing” of both.  Perhaps such a dual occupancy held by one man was a reflection of the mutual endorsement of the coming New World Order Obama admitted he has been working hard to achieve behind the scenes.

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